Sharon Heller, M.S

Hands that Heal - Untangling
the mind, body & brain

With multiple proven methods for human
growth and development.


People come to me with complex needs and physical challenges such as CP, PTSD, Autism Spectrum, and Down Syndrome, often after disappointment with other approaches or as a complement to ongoing therapies. And, many come for assistance with learning challenges. 

No matter what the physical, emotional, cognitive, educational or spiritual struggle is, you are not alone. I cannot answer the “Why me?”. But for the “What’s next?”, I am here with you to piece together a path.

Additionally, thanks to a multi-faceted approach that addresses both body and brain, some clients come for less severe personal and professional challenges and improvement in areas such as dance, sports, test-taking, or fear of flying.

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Trusted and respected worldwide, Sharon Heller brings a lifetime of experience and effective tools for life enhancement and learning.