Trusted and sought after worldwide with years of service to individuals, families and teaching professionals, Sharon works with professional and personal development, learning challenges and more severe developmental disabilities. The physically-based work focuses primarily on brain/body based and sub-cortical training using MNRI (Masgutova Method)®, Brain Gym® and Waldorf Curative Education.


Your own intentions and deep inner wisdom and Sharon's wide variety of proven personal and professional tools will allow you to eliminate blocks and uncover hidden resources for achieving success and growth in personal and professional life. Her own intuitive gifts are often combined with the more physically-based modalities (or stand alone for spiritual mentoring). Sharon has worked with individuals, entire families and groups to achieve better relationships, progress in learning and all kinds of sports and professional endeavors, as well as overall well-being. Her intuitive abilities can also facilitate changes without other modalities. Onsite mentoring or long distance via Skype or Face Time is an option.

  • MNRI (Masgutova Method)® Instructor
  • Brain Gym® Faculty
  • Waldorf trained and experienced early childhood, grades and curative teacher/mentor
  • Trainer/mentor, Center for Soulful Living
  • Touch for Health (4 levels)
  • M.S. Community Health Administration & Wellness Promotion

Brain Gym®, which could be called a modern-day "yoga", uses developmental movements in a targeted way; designed to get you moving in the right direction to enhance performance, creativity and educational achievement. As stand alone activities, or in a facilitated "balance" using goal-setting, you have the tools for greater brain/body integration.

Specialists the world-over refer to MNRI® (Masgutova Method) as "the missing link". MNRI® reorganizes the brain from the bottom up, reaching the foundations of development and allowing for profound changes in physiological, behavioral, emotional and cognitive function. Each person has a unique set of challenges, whether severe or mild; or if someone wants to achieve greater potential, a unique program of neuro-sensory-motor integration is designed to meet individual needs.

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