Sharon Heller, M.S., Developmental Specialist/Healer
My unique and varied professional and healing abilities have been decades in the making. I was already intuitive and interested in the deeper questions of life at an unusually early age. Then, at 27, I had a profound Near Death Experience (NDE) that left me essentially nonfunctional for about 3 years, unable to remember words, to read or write, and with partial amnesia.

Good fortune or divine intervention led me to working as an assistant in a Waldorf (Steiner) preschool. The movement activities, music, arts and crafts began the repair of my damaged functions. Though I continued to struggle with cognitive disabilities and hugely intensified empathic perception, I had the tenacity to acquire an accredited B.A. in Anthroposophy at the Waldorf Institute. There, more movement, music, speech, spinning and weaving, knitting, drawing and painting classes speeded my healing process. But it was really 7 years after the NDE when I received my first Brain Gym® “balance” that I felt completely in my body again and fully functional. “Spaceship Sharon” had landed.

Throughout, because the NDE had not changed my innate intelligence, I was fully aware that my challenges were perceptual and sensory-motor. As soon as I was able to relearn reading, I started studying everything I could on neurophysiology and learning. That study is ongoing.

I was fortunate to meet many insightful and wonderful teachers in Waldorf Education, as well as Dr. Paul Dennison, founder of Brain Gym®, and Dr. Svetlana Masgutova, founder of MNRI® (Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration). At age 55, I completed an M.S in Community Health Administration and Wellness Promotion with an emphasis on integrative healing. I wrote a final paper that was essentially a book on the role of Qi from conception to death with an emphasis on reflexes and movement development. Thanks to Sally Goddard and others for assisting me in that extensive endeavor via email. I look forward to re-writing this with updated research and publishing it as a book in the not too distant future.

Finally, a multi-year training with Dr. Bill Bauman. with his great psychological and spiritual insights, completed the pieces of my puzzle.

All this, along with the massage and reflexology I did in a Chriopractor's office, and my time as an assistant midwife, prior to my NDE, mean that I have skills, background, experience and a deep personal understanding and compassion for your struggles, to guide you to putting the pieces of your puzzle together.

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